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Washer - 3115420

Washer - 3115420

SKU: 3115420

Product Name: Washer

Part Number: 3115420


Additional Details:

  • This Washer with Part Number 3115420 is a versatile and commonly used component in various Angelo Po America kitchen equipment, including combi ovens.
  • Washers like this are employed in multiple applications within the equipment to provide stability, reduce friction, and maintain the integrity of joints and connections.
  • Service technicians and maintenance personnel often rely on this washer for routine maintenance and repairs of Angelo Po America appliances.
  • Crafted from durable materials, this washer offers long-lasting performance and reliability, even in high-temperature and demanding kitchen environments.


Keep this washer on hand to ensure the smooth operation of your Angelo Po America equipment and to promptly address any maintenance needs.

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