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Voltage Regulator/Infinite Switch - 32Z0171

Voltage Regulator/Infinite Switch - 32Z0171

SKU: 32Z0171

Product Name: Voltage Regulator/Infinite Switch

Part Number: 32Z0171


Additional Details:

  • The Voltage Regulator/Infinite Switch with Part Number 32Z0171 is a crucial component found in Angelo Po America's kitchen equipment, including combi ovens and other appliances.
  • This switch serves a critical role in controlling and regulating the power supplied to various heating elements and components within the equipment, allowing for precise temperature and power adjustments.
  • Service technicians and maintenance professionals rely on this voltage regulator/infinite switch to troubleshoot and replace faulty units, ensuring the equipment's reliable and safe operation.
  • Crafted to meet rigorous industry standards, this component provides a high level of safety and precision in managing power output for heating applications.


The availability of this voltage regulator/infinite switch aids in maintaining the efficient and consistent performance of Angelo Po America appliances.

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