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Sensor/Probe Kit, Moisture - 6300692

Sensor/Probe Kit, Moisture - 6300692

SKU: 6300692

Product Name: Sensor/Probe Kit, Moisture

Part Number: 6300692


Additional Details:

  • The Sensor/Probe Kit, Moisture (Part Number: 6300692) is a crucial component used in Angelo Po equipment to measure and control moisture levels during cooking and baking processes.
  • This kit includes a moisture sensor or probe designed to accurately detect the moisture content within the cooking chamber or product being prepared.
  • It is an essential tool for ensuring the desired level of moisture in food products, helping maintain consistent quality and taste.
  • Angelo Po service technicians often use this kit for maintenance, calibration, or replacement of moisture sensors in Angelo Po ovens and equipment, ensuring precise and reliable cooking results.
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