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Manometer/Pressure Gauge, 0-40 PSI - 33D1680

Manometer/Pressure Gauge, 0-40 PSI - 33D1680

SKU: 33D1680

Product Name: Manometer/Pressure Gauge, 0-40 PSI

Part Number: 33D1680


Additional Details:

  • The Manometer/Pressure Gauge with a range of 0-40 PSI (Part Number: 33D1680) is an essential instrument used for measuring and monitoring gas or air pressure in various Angelo Po equipment, especially those involving combustion processes.
  • Designed to withstand the demanding conditions of commercial kitchens, this pressure gauge provides accurate and real-time pressure readings.
  • It is a crucial component in Angelo Po's commitment to safety and performance, ensuring that gas or air pressures are maintained within the specified ranges for optimal equipment operation.
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