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Magnetic Microswitch with Lead - 32V5740

Magnetic Microswitch with Lead - 32V5740

SKU: 32V5740

Product Name: Magnetic Microswitch with Lead

Part Number: 32V5740


Additional Details:

  • The Magnetic Microswitch with Lead (Part Number: 32V5740) is a specialized component commonly used in various Angelo Po equipment, including ovens and commercial kitchen appliances.
  • This microswitch is designed to detect the opening and closing of doors, hatches, or panels, allowing for precise control and safety features in Angelo Po appliances.
  • Featuring a magnetic actuator, this microswitch is highly reliable and responsive, ensuring accurate feedback for proper equipment operation.
  • The included lead facilitates easy installation and connection to the appliance's control system, simplifying maintenance and repair procedures.
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