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Ignition Plug Assembly - 2587054

Ignition Plug Assembly - 2587054

SKU: 2587054

Product Name: Ignition Plug Assembly

Part Number: 2587054


Additional Details:

  • The Ignition Plug Assembly (Part Number: 2587054) plays a crucial role in the ignition system of various Angelo Po commercial cooking equipment.
  • This assembly is a key component in ensuring efficient and dependable ignition, contributing to the safe and consistent operation of Angelo Po ovens and cooking appliances.
  • Service technicians and maintenance personnel rely on this genuine Angelo Po replacement part to guarantee the proper function of the ignition system, which is essential for the safety and performance of Angelo Po equipment.
  • The Ignition Plug Assembly 2587054 is designed and manufactured to meet Angelo Po's stringent quality standards, making it the preferred choice for maintaining and repairing Angelo Po commercial cooking appliances.
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