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Heat Exchanger (Gas) Outlet Flange Gasket O-Ring - 3387330

SKU: 3387330

Product Name: Heat Exchanger (Gas) Outlet Flange Gasket O-Ring

Part Number: 3387330


Additional Details:

  • The Angelo Po America Heat Exchanger (Gas) Outlet Flange Gasket O-Ring, with part number 3387330, plays a crucial role in sealing the gas heat exchanger system.
  • This O-ring is designed to provide a secure and reliable seal for the outlet flange, preventing gas leaks and ensuring efficient heat exchange.
  • Crafted from high-quality materials, it can withstand the demanding conditions of commercial kitchens where Angelo Po equipment is utilized.
  • Specifically engineered to fit the gas heat exchanger outlet flange, this O-ring guarantees a tight and leak-free connection.
  • Service professionals and technicians can trust in the precision and durability of this O-ring for maintaining the safety and efficiency of gas-powered heat exchange systems in Angelo Po equipment.

Proper installation and maintenance are essential to uphold safety and performance standards. Qualified technicians should handle any replacement or servicing involving this component.

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