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Handle Spray Gun LDL - 33D1700

Handle Spray Gun LDL - 33D1700

SKU: 33D1700

Product Name: Handle Spray Gun LDL

Part Number: 33D1700


Additional Details:

  • Angelo Po America's Handle Spray Gun LDL, part number 33D1700, is a specialized tool designed for use in their professional kitchen equipment.
  • This spray gun is an essential component for various tasks in commercial kitchens, including cleaning, rinsing, and sanitizing.
  • It features a durable construction to withstand the demands of a busy kitchen environment, ensuring a long service life.
  • The Handle Spray Gun LDL is designed for ease of use, providing kitchen staff and technicians with a reliable tool for maintaining cleanliness and sanitation in Angelo Po equipment.
  • Whether it's cleaning grills, washing dishes, or sanitizing food preparation surfaces, this spray gun is a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen's arsenal of tools.
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