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Grommet - 3059590

Grommet - 3059590

SKU: 3059590
  • Grommet
  • Part Number: 3059590


Additional Details:

  • Part number 3059590 corresponds to a grommet used in Angelo Po equipment.
  • Grommets are typically rubber or plastic components with a hole in the center, designed to protect and secure cables, wires, or tubes as they pass through an opening in a piece of equipment or enclosure.
  • The specific application of this grommet in Angelo Po equipment may vary, but it plays a crucial role in cable management, preventing abrasion or damage to wires, and maintaining a seal to keep out dust, moisture, or debris.
  • Service technicians should inspect and replace grommets as needed to ensure the integrity of the equipment and maintain safety and functionality.
  • Follow manufacturer guidelines and safety protocols when installing or servicing grommets to uphold equipment performance and safety standards.
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