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Green Pipe Chemical Tubing - 3177170

Green Pipe Chemical Tubing - 3177170

SKU: 3177170

Product Name: Green Pipe Chemical Tubing

Part Number: 3177170


Additional Details:

  • Angelo Po America's Green Pipe Chemical Tubing, with Part Number 3177170, is designed to meet the specific needs of their commercial kitchen equipment, such as combi ovens.
  • This chemical tubing is used to transport liquids, including cleaning solutions and chemicals, within the equipment's plumbing system.
  • Sold by the foot, it provides flexibility in replacing damaged or worn tubing sections, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of Angelo Po equipment.
  • The green color of the tubing is a standard identifier for chemical lines, making it easy to distinguish from other tubing systems within the kitchen.
  • This tubing is constructed with quality and durability in mind, making it a reliable choice for maintaining the performance of Angelo Po equipment while ensuring safe handling of chemicals.
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