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Gasket, Burner to Blower - 3167820

Gasket, Burner to Blower - 3167820

SKU: 3167820
  • Gasket, Burner to Blower
  • Part Number: 3167820


Additional Details:

  • Part number 3167820 is a specialized gasket designed to seal the connection between the burner and blower components in Angelo Po equipment.
  • This gasket plays a critical role in preventing air or gas leaks, ensuring proper combustion, and maintaining the safety and efficiency of the equipment.
  • Service technicians should inspect this gasket regularly and replace it if any signs of wear, damage, or deterioration are detected.
  • Proper installation of the gasket is crucial to ensure a secure seal and prevent any potential issues related to combustion and heat distribution.
  • Technicians should follow manufacturer guidelines for gasket replacement to ensure the optimal performance of Angelo Po equipment.
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