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Fuse 5x20 - 0.032A-250v - 3200300

Fuse 5x20 - 0.032A-250v - 3200300

SKU: 3200300
  • Fuse
  • Part Number: 3200300
  • Rating: 0.032A, 250V


Additional Details:

  • The part number 3200300 corresponds to a 5x20mm fuse with a rating of 0.032A (32 milliamperes) and a voltage rating of 250V (250 Volts).
  • These fuses are utilized in electrical circuits to safeguard against overcurrent conditions and ensure equipment safety.
  • Service technicians must adhere to safety protocols and equipment specifications when handling and replacing fuses.
  • It is crucial to select the appropriate fuse rating that matches the voltage and current requirements of the specific application for optimal protection and reliable operation.
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