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Fuse 250 Volt 3.15 Amp - 3200290

Fuse 250 Volt 3.15 Amp - 3200290

SKU: 3200290
  • Fuse
  • Part Number: 3200290
  • Rating: 250 Volt, 3.15 Amp


Additional Details:

  • Part number 3200290 corresponds to a fuse designed for use in electrical circuits with a voltage rating of 250 Volts and a current rating of 3.15 Amps.
  • Fuses are essential safety components that protect equipment and circuits from excessive current flow.
  • Technicians should exercise caution and adhere to safety protocols when replacing fuses.
  • Selecting the correct fuse rating is critical for maintaining electrical safety and preventing damage to equipment.
  • Ensure compatibility with the voltage and current requirements of the specific application for proper function and safety.
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