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Clutch Handle Gasket - 3101630

Clutch Handle Gasket - 3101630

SKU: 3101630
  • Product Name: Angelo Po Clutch Handle (Must be Ordered in Pairs)
  • Part Number: 3101630


Additional details:

  • The Angelo Po Clutch Handle, part number 3101630, is specifically designed to provide a robust and ergonomic means of manually operating or adjusting components within the combi oven setup.
  • Note that these handles have to be ordered in pairs, indicating their use is likely symmetrical or dual-hand in nature within the appliance's system, ensuring balance and uniformity in user interaction.
  • Crafted for durability and reliability, these handles sustain the high-demand environment of commercial kitchens, contributing to the appliance's overall usability and maintenance of safety standards.
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