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CombiStar FX 82G3T

Gas Level 3

Introducing the epitome of culinary perfection, the Angelo Po CombiStar FX82G3T. Designed for the serious culinary artist, this gas combi oven accentuates performance with an outstanding 8X GN 2/1 oven capacity, adeptly catering to both bustling commercial kitchens and upscale dining establishments. 

Key Features: 

  • Comprehensive Cooking Modes: Beyond traditional cooking, dive into specialized techniques such as pasteurization, sous vide, smoking, drying, and more. From delectable cakes and desserts to perfectly seared proteins, this oven has you covered. 

  • Precision Airflow System: The auto-reverse fan function, complemented by a choice of 6 fan speeds (including an intermittent setting) and a patented control system, guarantees uniformity in cooking. 

  • Masterful Humidity Control: A patented direct humidity control system during the cooking process ensures your dishes maintain their optimal texture and taste, bolstered by the dual-level steam generation feature. 

  • Library of Expertise: Benefit from 150 pre-stored automatic cooking programs, each detailed with ingredients, preparation steps, cooking methods, and even presentation tips, complete with photography. 

  • Innovative Cooking Dynamics: The 100% automatic Cook & Chill programs, integrated with BE-1, streamline kitchen operations. Moreover, simultaneous multi-cooking capabilities, a multi-timer with 20 settings, and the use of up to 2 core probes make multitasking a breeze. 

  • Eco-Friendly Operations: The oven's ECO function actively reduces consumption during cooking and cleaning phases, promoting an eco-conscious kitchen environment. 

  • Effortless Cleaning: Featuring an automatic washing system with a triple-action sanitization effect, cleanliness is uncompromised. The seven washing programs, fully automatic in nature, ensure your oven remains pristine without any manual intervention. 

  • Robust Build: Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the AISI 304 stainless steel structure, coupled with an AISI 316L stainless steel cooking chamber, promises resilience and longevity. 

With the Angelo Po CombiStar FX82G3T, empower your kitchen with unmatched versatility, ensuring every dish is nothing short of a masterpiece.

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