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CombiStar FX 202G3

Gas Level 3

Dive into unparalleled culinary sophistication with the Angelo Po CombiStar FX202G3, a TOP gas combi oven designed for 20 x GN 2/1 trays. Embodied in this creation are the finest elements of steam, hot air, and combi functionalities, presenting an artful blend of tradition and modernity. 

Key Features: 

  • Advanced Automatic Cooking: From pasteurization and sous vide to browning and searing, its diverse cooking options are vast and precise. Specialized modes also cater to dessert preparation, frying, and more. 

  • Innovative Fan Dynamics: Experience the auto-reverse fan's versatility with six speed variations, including an intermittent mode, enhanced by a patented control system. 

  • Direct Humidity Mastery: Utilize the patented system for direct humidity control, ensuring every dish remains succulent and flavorful. 

  • Extensive Recipe Library: Access 150 stored programs, complete with ingredients, preparation guidelines, and presentation tips — complemented beautifully with illustrative photography. 

  • Multitasking Excellence: With simultaneous multi-cooking capabilities, this oven manages compatible processes concurrently, supports up to two core probes, and features a 20-point multi-timer. 

  • Eco & Cleaning Prowess: Embrace the eco-conscious design during both cooking and cleaning. The automatic washing system boasts a triple-action sanitization effect, fully automated for seven distinct washing modes, eliminating direct chemical handling for operators. 

  • Premium Construction: Immaculately crafted using AISI 304 stainless steel and an AISI 316L cooking chamber, durability meets elegance. 

Elevate your gastronomic endeavors to unmatched heights with the Angelo Po CombiStar FX202G3 – a paragon of culinary perfection.

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