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CombiStar FX 101G2

Gas Level 2

Transform your culinary space with the Angelo Po CombiStar FX101G2, a state-of-the-art 10X GN 1/1 gas combi oven. Engineered to perfection, this oven delivers power, precision, and unmatched versatility, catering to both everyday needs and gourmet aspirations.

Key Features:

  •  Multifunctional Excellence: Dive into a world of cooking with this combi oven. With settings for steam, hot air, and combi, and specialized programs for smoking, Delta T, and Low Temperature cooking, every dish is a potential masterpiece. 

  • Intuitive Digital Interface: Featuring a digital display and an extensive library of programs, this oven simplifies the cooking process. Be it a seasoned chef or a budding culinary enthusiast, this interface promises a user-friendly experience. 

  • Efficient Airflow Control: Equipped with a fan that boasts an auto-reverse function, and three distinct fan speeds, including an intermittent setting, ensures even and precise heat distribution, making every dish consistently delectable. 

  • Mastering Moisture: The automatic humidity control, in tandem with the dual-level steam generation, enables you to achieve the perfect moisture level for every dish, preserving its inherent flavors and textures. 

  • Environmentally Conscious: Embodying a sustainable ethos, the ECO function guarantees reduced consumption during cooking and cleaning, harmonizing efficiency with eco-friendliness.

  • Easy Cleaning: With a washing system that incorporates a double-action sanitization effect, cleaning becomes a breeze. The manual dispersion of the liquid cleaning product coupled with two comprehensive washing programs ensures your oven remains in pristine condition. 

  • Durable Build: Crafted with precision, the oven boasts a robust structure made of the durable AISI 304 stainless steel. The cooking chamber, constructed from AISI 316L stainless steel, ensures longevity and resistance to wear. 

Elevate your gastronomic adventures with the Angelo Po CombiStar FX101G2, where tradition meets innovation, and every dish is a testament to culinary perfection.

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