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CombiStar FX 122E3

Electric Level 3

Welcome to the Angelo Po CombiStar FX122E3T - where impeccable design meets culinary precision. This combi oven has been meticulously crafted for professional kitchens that demand excellence, versatility, and efficiency. 

Key Features: 

  • Versatile Cooking Options: From pasteurization to the art of preparing delectable cakes and desserts, its broad range of automatic cooking capabilities, including smoking, sous vide, frying, and more, ensures every dish is a culinary masterpiece. 

  • Superior Air Flow Control: The patented control system and the fan with auto-reverse function ensure a consistent and even distribution of heat. With six adjustable speeds, including an intermittent one, every culinary requirement is catered to.

  • Direct Humidity Management: The patented direct humidity control offers chefs a precise control over moisture levels, ensuring dishes retain their natural flavor and texture. Dual-level steam generation fortifies the consistency in the cooking environment. 

  • In-depth Recipe & Program Library: Dive into a comprehensive library of 150 stored cooking programs. Detailed recipes, complete with ingredients, methods, and presentation tips, are augmented by vivid photography, offering a visual guide for chefs.

  • Integrated Cook & Chill: With 100% automatic Cook & Chill programs complemented by BE-1, dishes can be prepared ahead of time, maintaining their freshness and quality until they're served.

  • Enhanced Multi-Cooking Features: It supports simultaneous cooking of multiple dishes, courtesy of its multi-timer (capable of handling 20 different timings) and the ability to use 2 core probes. Culinary multitasking has never been so effortless. 

  • Eco-friendly Operations: The oven’s ECO function ensures minimized consumption during cooking and washing phases, promoting sustainable practices.

  • Hassle-free Cleaning: The automatic washing system, designed with a triple-action sanitization effect, guarantees a thorough clean after each use. With seven distinct washing programs and no need for manual intervention, maintaining hygiene becomes straightforward.

  • Robust Construction: The exterior, crafted from resilient AISI 304 stainless steel, ensures durability. The cooking chamber, made of AISI 316L stainless steel, resists corrosion, promising a long-standing performance. 

The Angelo Po CombiStar FX122E3T seamlessly integrates advanced technology with the rich tradition of culinary arts. Elevate your kitchen’s capabilities and let every dish resonate with perfection.

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