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Afinox Infinity Evolution XL

Afinox Infinity Evolution XL

Afinox Infinity Start XL Blast Chiller

Elevate Your Culinary Standards with the Afinox Infinity Start XL - Custom-engineered for the unique needs of exceptionally large or specialized foodservice operations such as major restaurant chains, extensive catering companies, and large banquet facilities across the USA, the Infinity Start XL represents the ultimate in food chilling technology. Fabricated from premium stainless steel AISI 304, this blast chiller ensures durability and compliance with the highest industry standards.

▪️ Customizable Trolley Capacity - Designed to accommodate pass-through trolleys, the Infinity Start XL is custom-made to your specific requirements, enabling a perfect fit for your kitchen's volume and workflow needs.

▪️ Dual Ramp Design for Enhanced Efficiency - Featuring two stainless steel ramps, this model supports smooth and efficient loading and unloading of trolleys, significantly enhancing kitchen operations and throughput.

▪️ Advanced Control System - Comes equipped with a 9” touch control system, offering a wide range of customizable chilling and freezing cycles such as blast chilling, shock freezing, thawing, Comby cycles, and more. Each function is designed to meet the precise needs of diverse culinary tasks.

▪️ State-of-the-Art Features for Optimal Performance - This unit includes a multipoint core probe for accurate temperature readings, hot gas defrosting during the conservation phase, an SD card with tutorial videos, and a USB port for HACCP data management, all ensuring peak operational efficiency and food safety.

▪️ Extensive Customization Options - Tailor your Infinity Start XL with additional features like EvoCloud, a tubes and cables kit for easy installation, a sterilizer for superior hygiene, and advanced connectivity options such as Tracer, Supervisor, Wi-Fi probe, and Hot probe. Also available with environmentally friendly refrigerant gas R452A.

Master Large-Scale Culinary Challenges - The Afinox Infinity Start XL is not just a blast chiller; it's a comprehensive solution tailored to support the most demanding kitchen environments, optimizing large-scale food preparation while ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety. This makes it an essential tool for any culinary operation looking to excel in large-scale food management.

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