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Afinox Infinity 8 Start

Afinox Infinity 8 Start

Afinox Infinity Start 8 Blast Chiller

Elevate Your Culinary Standards with the Afinox Infinity Start 8 - Engineered for the demanding environments of restaurants, caterers, and banquet halls across the USA, the Infinity Start 8 is your ideal partner in enhancing food safety, preserving quality, and extending shelf life. Constructed from robust stainless steel AISI304, this blast chiller guarantees both durability and compliance with top industry standards.

▪️ Enhanced Capacity - Accommodate up to 8 GN1/1 shelves with a height of 65mm or 10 EN600x400 shelves for pastry (height 40mm), providing ample space to meet the high-volume demands of professional kitchens.

▪️ Advanced Touch Control System - Manage your chilling tasks with precision using the 9” touch control system. Choose from a range of cycles such as blast chilling, shock freezing, thawing, and Comby cycles—each customizable to suit your specific needs.

▪️ Versatility on Wheels or Feet - Mount on castors for ease of mobility or on feet for a fixed position, adapting seamlessly to your kitchen layout, and supporting both GN1/1 or EN400x600 (Mod.-P only EN400x600) shelves.

▪️ Smart Features for Smart Kitchens - Equipped with a multipoint core probe that delivers accurate readings at four points, an SD card with tutorial videos, and a USB port for easy HACCP data management, ensuring your food safety is always prioritized.

▪️ Optional Enhancements - Enhance your chiller’s capabilities with optional features like EvoCloud, LED lighting, removable filters, a sterilizer for superior cleanliness, and connectivity options such as Tracer, Supervisor, Wi-Fi probe, and Hot probe to fulfill all your modern kitchen requirements.

Ready to Transform Your Kitchen's Efficiency? - The Afinox Infinity Start 8 is not just a blast chiller; it’s a comprehensive solution that streamlines your operations, boosts productivity, and raises the quality of your dishes, while promoting sustainability with its energy-efficient design.

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