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Afinox Infinity 5 GN 2/1 Start

Afinox Infinity 5 GN 2/1 Start
Start-5 FS

Afinox Infinity Start 5 GN 2/1 Blast Chiller

Elevate Your Culinary Standards with the Afinox Infinity Start 5 GN 2/1 - Ideal for medium to large kitchens in restaurants, catering companies, and banquet halls across the USA, the Infinity Start 5 GN 2/1 blast chiller offers unparalleled functionality and robustness. Constructed from premium stainless steel AISI304, this chiller is designed to last and meet rigorous industry standards.

▪️ Enhanced Capacity for Larger Items - Specifically designed to accommodate GN2/1 shelves, this model can hold up to 5 GN2/1 or 10 GN1/1 shelves at a height of 40mm, offering great flexibility and capacity for chilling and freezing larger quantities of food efficiently.

▪️ Advanced Touch Control System - Control your chilling operations seamlessly with the 9” touch control system, featuring a range of customizable cycles including blast chilling, shock freezing, thawing, and Comby cycles. Tailor these settings to meet the specific needs of your culinary creations.

▪️ Flexible Installation Options - Whether installed on castors for easy mobility or on feet for a secure, fixed position, this blast chiller fits seamlessly into any kitchen layout, enhancing workflow and efficiency.

▪️ Innovative Technology Features - Equipped with a multipoint core probe for precise temperature monitoring, an SD card with tutorial videos, and a USB port for straightforward HACCP data management, the Infinity Start 5 GN 2/1 ensures your operations are both safe and efficient.

▪️ Optional Features for Customization - Enhance your blast chiller with additional options such as EvoCloud, LED lighting, a removable filter, a sterilizer to ensure optimal cleanliness, and connectivity options including Tracer, Supervisor, Wi-Fi probe, and Hot probe, to fully adapt to your kitchen’s needs.

Streamline Your Operations and Elevate Food Quality - The Afinox Infinity Start 5 GN 2/1 is not just a blast chiller; it’s a critical tool in your kitchen that helps to streamline food preparation processes, enhance food safety, and maintain the highest quality of your dishes while supporting sustainability with its energy-efficient operations.

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