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Afinox Infinity 40 9HP Start

Afinox Infinity 40 9HP Start
Start-40 9HP

Afinox Infinity Start 40 Blast Chiller

Elevate Your Culinary Standards with the Afinox Infinity Start 40 - Specially engineered for the substantial requirements of mass food production facilities, such as large-scale restaurants, industrial caterers, and expansive banquet halls across the USA, the Infinity Start 40 represents the pinnacle of food safety, preservation excellence, and operational efficiency. Constructed with superior stainless steel AISI304, this robust blast chiller ensures durability and adherence to the strictest industry standards.

▪️ Unprecedented Trolley Capacity - Capable of holding up to 40 GN1/1 or 40 EN600x400 shelves, all at a height of 40mm, this unit is designed for operations that need to chill or freeze large volumes of food quickly and efficiently using trolley systems.

▪️ Intuitive Touch Control System - The 9” touch control system provides easy access to a variety of customizable chilling and freezing cycles, including blast chilling, shock freezing, thawing, and Comby cycles, allowing for precise control to suit specific food handling requirements.

▪️ Optimized for Large-Scale Use - Provided disassembled for straightforward transportation and installation, and designed to connect to an external condensing unit, this model includes a stainless steel ramp to facilitate easy trolley movement, enhancing workflow in busy kitchens.

▪️ Advanced Technological Integration - Features a multipoint core probe that delivers accurate temperature readings, an SD card with instructional videos, and a USB port for efficient HACCP data management, ensuring your operations uphold top food safety protocols.

▪️ Customizable Enhancements - Tailor the Infinity Start 40 to the exact needs of your kitchen with optional upgrades such as EvoCloud, LED lighting, a sterilizer for increased hygiene, and connectivity options including Tracer, Supervisor, Wi-Fi probe, and Hot probe, adapting to the most advanced culinary setups.

Transform Your High-Volume Food Processing - The Afinox Infinity Start 40 is not just a blast chiller; it's a complete chilling solution that supports extensive kitchen operations, streamlining large-scale food preparation while ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety, making it an essential investment for any major culinary enterprise.

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