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Afinox Infinity 15 Start

Afinox Infinity 15 Start

Afinox Infinity Start 15 Blast Chiller

Elevate Your Culinary Standards with the Afinox Infinity Start 15 - Designed to meet the high demands of larger foodservice environments like expansive restaurants, large-scale caterers, and banquet halls across the USA, the Infinity Start 15 offers a powerful chilling solution. Built with high-grade stainless steel AISI304, this robust blast chiller ensures longevity and adherence to top industry standards.

▪️ Exceptional Capacity - Equipped to handle up to 15 GN1/1 shelves at a height of 65mm or 19 EN600x400 pastry shelves at 40mm, the Infinity Start 15 is ideally suited for high-volume operations, offering extensive storage and chilling capacity.

▪️ Advanced Touch Control System - Operate with ease using the 9” touch control system, which allows you to access a variety of chilling and freezing cycles such as blast chilling, shock freezing, thawing, and Comby cycles. All cycles are fully customizable to cater to the unique needs of your kitchen.

▪️ Versatile Placement Options - Install with either castors for enhanced mobility or feet for stationary stability, perfectly fitting your kitchen’s specific layout requirements, and accommodating both GN1/1 or EN400x600 (Mod.-P only EN400x600) shelves.

▪️ Smart Kitchen Compatibility - This unit includes a multipoint core probe with four reading points, an SD card pre-loaded with tutorial videos, and a USB port for easy HACCP data management, streamlining safety and operational efficiency.

▪️ Customizable Features - Tailor the Infinity Start 15 to the exact needs of your kitchen with optional additions like EvoCloud, LED lighting, a removable filter, a sterilizer for ultimate cleanliness, and advanced connectivity options such as Tracer, Supervisor, Wi-Fi probe, and Hot probe.

Maximize Your Kitchen’s Efficiency and Culinary Output - The Afinox Infinity Start 15 is not just a blast chiller; it’s a comprehensive tool that boosts your kitchen’s productivity, enhances food quality, and ensures safety, all while supporting sustainability with its energy-efficient technology.

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